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Máy in Fuji Xerox Phaser 5550DN

Máy in Laser khổ A3,/ Độ phân giải 1200x1200dpi./ Tốc độ in 50ppm./ Bộ nhớ: 256MB RAM (max 1GB).

Kho hàng: Có hàng | Bảo hành: 12 tháng | Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
Đánh giá:
Giá: 71.295.000 VNĐ ( 86,100,000 VNĐ )
“Giá bán trên Website là giá chưa bao gồm thuế VAT 10%. Kính mong quý khách lấy hóa đơn GTGT khi mua hàng để tuân thủ đúng quy định của pháp luật.“
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Đánh giá

Máy in Fuji Xerox Phaser 5550DN  
Máy in Laser khổ A3,
Độ phân giải 1200x1200dpi. 
Tốc độ in 50ppm.
Bộ nhớ: 256MB RAM (max 1GB). 
Ngôn ngữ in: PCL5e, PCL6 & Direct PDF. 
Giao diện Parallel, USB, Network 10/100/1000.
Tự động đảo 2 mặt bản in. 
Khay nạp giấy tay 100 tờ, 
Khay nạp giấy tự động 2x500 tờ. 
Khay trả giấy ra 500 tờ.
Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Dùng mực Fuji Xerox Cartridge
R00684 ( 35,000 trang).

Pure Printing Power
Print more, print faster. Productive, reliable and packed with value, the Fuji Xerox Phaser 5550 laser printer means serious business for any office with diverse and high-volume print demands.


Key Features & Benefits
Powerful Productivity
  Get up to speed with the Phaser 5550 - the A3 laser printer that delivers the ultimate combination of peak performance and impressive print quality.
  Fast printing at up to 50ppm - for both single-sided and two-sided printing respectively - quickly handles even the most demanding print workloads
  1,200 x 1,200dpi print resolution and Fuji Xerox exclusive EA-HG toner technology deliver exceptional print quality without slowing down the printer's outstanding performance
  Complex print jobs made easy - even multi-page jobs with graphics, images and charts - thanks to the powerful 500MHz processor
  A first-page-out-time as fast as 6.5 seconds means no waiting, even on a busy network
  Custom media sizes plus advanced printing features like collation, booklet making and edge-to-edge printing, meet your complex printing needs. Add a finisher for stapling and hole punching.
Smart, Reliable Operation
  The phaser 5550 laser printer comes loaded with cutting-edge intelligence features that simplify installation and everyday use. And with highly durable components throughout, count on total reliability day after productive day.
  Easily output heavy print volumes thanks to a robust duty cycle of 300,000 pages per month
  Xerox Installer automatically installs and configures your printer for easy network connection, getting you up and running in minutes
  Private data stays secure thanks to the built-in support for 802.1x and IPv6, the latest network security protocols
  Network printing is easier than ever to manage. Helpful features like CentreWare IS internal web server allow users to manage the device from their computers, and Email Alerts notify administrators of common occurences such as low toner levels, before they impact productivity.
  PhaserSMART® online troubleshooting provides 24/7 access to the online Xerox Knowledge Base, delivering fast solutions for you to complete work quickly. Plus, PrintingScout® notification delivers instant pop-up messages right to your desktop if print issues arise.
Value Throughout
  It's simple: The Phaser 5550 laser printer delivers more for your money than any other printer in its class, and always-low operating costs keep it truly bottom-line friendly.
  An unbeatable total cost of ownership results from the printer's affordable purchase price and low cost-per-print
  Long-lasting consumables increase uptime, and separate print drum and toner cartridge allow for optimised use of each component
  Expect consistent, trouble-free performance from a printer that is rated to deliver an impressive 500,000 mean prints between failure
  Get best-in-class value with extensive printer management tools, up to 1GB memory, Adobe® PostScript® 3™ and more
  The Usage Analysis Tool and Job Accounting feature allow you to collect, organise and analyse usage data for tighter cost control



Up to 50ppm one-sided, 50ppm two-sided (A4)

Duty Cycle:

Up to 300,000 pages / month

Paper Handling:


Paper Input:

Tray 1 (MPT): 100 sheets; Custom sizes: 89 x 98mm – 297 x 432mm 
Tray 2: 500 sheets; Custom sizes: 140 x 182mm – 297 x 432mm 
Tray 3: 500 sheets; Custom sizes: 140 x 182mm – 297 x 432mm 


Tray 4-5: 1,000-sheet Feeder; Custom sizes: 140 x 182mm – 297 x 432mm 
Tray 6: 2,000-sheet Feeder; Size: A4 
Envelope Tray: Custom sizes: 98 x 148mm – 162 x 241mm

Paper Output:

500 sheets
Stacker: 3,000-sheet Stacker with 500-sheet Top Tray 
Finisher: 3,000-sheet Stacker with 500-sheet Top Tray. 50-sheet multi-position stapling and 3 or 2/4 hole-punch

Auto 2-sided Printing:




First Page out Time:

As fast as 6.5 seconds

Resolution (max):

True 1,200 x 1,200 dpi



Memory (Std/Max):

256MB / 1GB


10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, Parallel, USB 2.0

PDL (Page Description Language):

Adobe® Postscript® 3™ , PCL®6 / PCL®5e emulation, Direct PDF (with optional hard drive)

Print Features:

Smart trays, Booklet printing, Edge-to-edge printing, Negative image, Mirror image, Scaling, Watermarks, Auto fit, Custom-size pages, Covers, Separation pages, RAM collation, N-up, Job completion notification
Remote printing, Job accounting 

Productivity kit (includes 40GB Hard Drive) enables Secure / Proof / Personal / Saved print, Hard disk collation, Print with, PDF-direct printing, Extended font / Form storage

Standard Warranty:

One year on-site warranty


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